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Harry Potter Light and Dark Quote (Sirius Black) Typed on Typewriter - 4x6 White Cardstock

Harry Potter's Sirius Black Quote Typed on Typewriter by #LettersWithImpact

Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them film is being written by J.K. Rowling!!! The Potter fandom will rise once more!

Dumbledore's reason for hiring Lockhart

If you want to cry, read this. George at Fred's funeral... Well, I did read this, and I'm ridiculous and I did cry. So, yeah.

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Cliff Notes Guide To Understanding Celebrity Fandoms

Cough, Doctor Who, Sherlock, superwholock, mlp, sao, all that good stuff the to Pinterest, cough

Potter Se Siente,Cabezas Potter,James Potter,Potter Cosas,Potter I'M,Potter Puns,Potter Shit,Potter Land,Lilly Potter

.... al cabo, que no necesito corazón.... toma, fandom del demonio, llévalo lejos antes de que duela más <3 SIRIUS BLACK <3