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Ceramic Terms PowerPoint


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I’ve done a little of everything. I have been on a cart and managed multiple rooms in the same year. Here are some looks at what I put together to create the best possible learning experience…

originally titled "an unpleasant-but-needed lesson." - perhaps, but surely could be delivered in a positive way or completely avoided with some good teaching? This says more to me about the skill level of the tutor than the skill of the students.

Penny Evans, " Design work on my ceramics reference my Kamilaroi/Goomeroi cultural heritage in combination with my unique and evolving graphic style. The technique of sgraffito is a strong feature of the ware and links to Kamilaroi/Goomeroi men’s traditions of carving into tree, weapons, utensils as well as ground carving for ceremonial purposes, communications and storytelling. 2D mixed media works examine more recent histories as opposed to narratives connecting culture to country."

. Fun thing to make for friends

50 Needed Worksheets for Art Students and Art Teachers from The Art Teacher on (61 pages) - This 61 page Word Document contains 50 (plus a bonus one…51!) much needed worksheets, tests, handouts, lists and more that every art teacher should have in their classroom. After years of searching for just the right visuals to use, and after making cou

Clay Introduction Worksheet:

Stages of Clay Worksheet