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Sally Hansen. Funciona bien ;)

How To Look Great Without Makeup

10 secrets to looking AMAZING without wearing makeup.

To give skin a little shimmer year-round: Nars Glow moisturizing body oil


NARS Illuminator - a highlighter for your eyes, cheekbones, wherever you want the eye to linger...

DIY eyeshadow primer. Ooooh! Finally :)

Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

This makes your skin look flawless in every photo you take, even without a filter!

They say it takes 5 years off of your complexion..... think they will negotiate for 10?

15 Easy Hacks For Perfect Eyeliner

15 awesome tips for doing your eyeliner incredibly. Pin now read later

I love this dewy look for the summer!

Instant Gratification: Beauty Products That Work Immediately

Patience isn't something we all have, especially when it comes to beauty products. In this day and age we want instant results and most of the time we don't get them, but with these makeup products you will! Try these out and get results in the blink of an eye.