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Rainy Days 💦💦call for chocolate Sapote Icecream ✨ blueberries , blood oranges dried bananas , chia pudding , and raw buckwheat granola 💞love this stuff I will be taking a big bag of this granola home with me to Hawaii , it's everywhere in Australia but hard to find in the US✨ To make the Icecream I used 1 frozen chocolate Sapote , 2 frozen bananas , 4 dates , 1 tbs cocoa powder , I fresh Chocolate Sapote , blended with about 1/4 cup of creamy cashew milk 💦( if you don't have chocolate…

Jueves / Thursday en Artes Promenade, Zapote #kravmagacostarica #acondicionamientofisico #defensapersonal #jiujitsucostarica  #judocostarica #kravmaga #promenade #sambocostarica ENGLISH SPOKEN 18:00  JUDO / SAMBO 19:30  HIGH INTENSITY CONDITIONING 19:30  KRAV MAGA Intermedios con José Rodriguez 19:30  KRAV MAGA Combate con Cuchillo y Sparring con Edgar Fernández

Mamey sapote or Zapote Fruit -TreeCaribfruits - Sapote / Fruits des Antilles. The Mamey Sapote makes large, unusual fruits with a taste and texture of pumpkin pie. Some people taste overtones of almond or butterscotch.

PALMETTO – Palm (Sapote) | Raoul Textiles