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Once upon a time, a hungry cat came to her master and meowed for food. The master gave her a rose and said "smell this, isn't it wonderful?" and the cat walked away in search of food.

And Curunir, Saruman, fell from his high errand, and becoming proud and impatient and enamoured of power sought to have his own will by force, and to oust Sauron; but he was ensnared by that dark spirit, mightier than he.

robe verte / green dress - Ebe Kastein (Tolkien's caracter Rien)

A witch and her bird, wearing an awesome cloak, a magical lightsource, tattoos and blood on her hands? That's pretty much what people should see when they meet Euphian in a forest once she's got both her specs.

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BLACK - Black Cat. Bastet (or Bast) is a feline goddess of ancient Egyptian…