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Explora Minotauro, Ave Vuela, ¡y mucho más!

Teseo y el Minotauro. Un ave vuela en torno a los luchadores. Lydos, ca. 550 a.n.e.

Herakles rides across the sea in the cup-boat of Helios. This is the boat which the sun-god uses to sail round the river Okeanos at night from his place of setting in the west to his place of rising in the east

Attic black-figure: Nessos Painter’s name vase. Late 7th century, Ancient Greek, currently located at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Herakles slaying Nessus the Centaur. A popular scene, a fateful turning point in the life of Herakles, because the blood of the killed centaur will eventually poison the hero. Greek vase, Athenian black figure amphora

Atlas, Titan bearing the sky. Laconian black figure amphoriskos, 6th century BC | Vatican City Museums

Theseus, the Minotaur & the sacrificial maidens | Greek vase, Athenian black figure amphora

Juegos de borrachera de la Antigua Grecia

Amazone. Amphore à figures noires (black-figure pottery), Ve siècle avant J.-C. Musée du Louvre (RMN, cliché Hervé Lexandowsky).

Black Figure Pottery

Ancient Greek black-figure pottery (named after the colour of the depictions on the pottery) was first produced in Corinth c. 700 BCE and then adopted by pottery painters in Attica, where it would become...

Grifo luchando con un jinete arimaspo. Copa ática de figuras rojas