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"Manchas de luz: ser mujer en el Holocausto" La deportación de los Judios de Szydłowiec, Polonia, al campo de Treblinka Muerte, 23 de septiembre 1942

Esther (Estha) Frenkel neé Horonczyk threw this postcard out of the train as she was being deported to Auschwitz on 7 August 1942. Her 2 year old son, Richard, was left behind in Pithviers and was deported shortly thereafter. Both mother and son perished.

Lodz, Poland, 1941, Benjamin Fortonsky in a ghetto street. Mendel Grossman

Lodz, Poland, Men with their belongings during their deportation to the ghetto.

On November 6, 1941, Marta communicated with her mother for the last time. By January 1942, she had been murdered.


Trzebinia, Poland, The girl Sheindale Hirshberg, who was born in 1932 and perished in the Holocaust. I put this picture on my board not because I'm proud of it, but because we all need to remember the devastation of the Holocaust. This girl deserves to be remembered.

Baranow, Poland, A Jewish girl who perished in the Holocaust.

Karolina Juszczykowska, Poland - The Polish woman who was executed for hiding two Jews in her home. #WomensDay #wmnhist

Chana Finkelstein, a survivor of the massacre of Radzillow because she hid in a wheat field. (picture taken 1937-1938)