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"Manchas de luz: ser mujer en el Holocausto" La deportación de los Judios de Szydłowiec, Polonia, al campo de Treblinka Muerte, 23 de septiembre 1942

Gela Seksztajn (1907-1942) Self-Portrait. She lived and painted in the Warsaw ghetto. In her will, which was preserved along with her watercolors in the underground archives of the Warsaw ghetto, she wrote, "...I am now standing at the boundary between life and death. I already know for certain that I must die and that is why I want to bid farewell to my friends and to my work. Farewell, friends. Jews! Do everything that such a tragedy will never be repeated!" She died in Treblinka in 1942.

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[Photo] Polish civilians filing through a street in Warsaw, Poland, Aug 1944, photo 2 of 2; note Marder II tank destroyer on left

Civilians on a way to Gulag 121 camp in Pruszków.Warsaw Uprising, August 1944

A man pretended his wife was alive for a full month after her death. They are pictured here on day two.

27 November 1941, early morning: photographs depicting the first deportation of Jews from Würzburg. On November 27th, 1941, Jews from Würzburg, Germany were deported for the first time to the east. This deportation of 212 Jews from Würzburg was documented by German policemen, and the photos were arranged in an album. To see the album, click this pin.

World War 2 This war fought in Europe, North Africa and Asia started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and ended in 1945 with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan. It was the largest armed conflict in history.

Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz. Lest we forget.