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Jos� Antonio Cotrina - "(...) La felicidad es tener un coraz�n capaz de amar. Es saber que has sido importante...". happiness, fantasy, love, cotrina

It you’re lucky enough to have worked out what your aeipathy is then run with it and do it as often and as well as you possibly can.

I have realized this now more than ever over the past couple months. I love who has remained in my life!

There are a million times throughout our lives that we reinvent ourselves. Maybe it takes something very specific to be the cataylst-- loss, broken hearts, health scares-- or maybe, we're just one of those people who know when it's time to change. Whatever the case may be, a new year is usually one of those times for most people. It's that blank canvas-- that clean slate-- that allows us to have an opportunity. To begin again. To start over. So that's what January will be focused on. New…

"You shouldn't avoid thoughts or deny feelings. That is denying yourself. Allow yourself to have them, consider them, and then make a decision."

18 Brilliant Nordic Words We Desperately Need In English

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I do love the rain. Where everyone else sees it as dreary, I see it as serene. Life is about dancing in the rain and I'd give anything to have a romantic love dance in the rain, followed by a kiss....thus beginning the onset of a cold. Lol

AIRLIFE te informa. El aire también juega un papel importante en la salud mental. Si no se hace ejercicio y si no se respira adecuadamente, la persona puede tener problemas de salud mental. Incluso si se respira por la boca, la persona puede tener desórdenes de tipo mental.

Really...who is this universe you speak of ? Where does he reside, I want to have word.