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¿DE DÓNDE ERES?, Riccardo Guiamminola. Cómo crecer mujer y afroamericana en el lugar donde surgió el Ku Kux Klan. Usando el arte para jugar con los estereotipos. Esta es la respuesta de Kara Walker a nuestra pregunta ¿De dónde eres? indiecolors, arte, Kara Walker, pintura, dibujo, video, racismo

¿de donde eres?, riccardo guiamminola, indiecolors, arte, Kara Walker, pintura, dibujo, video, racismo

Eleciones Estados Unidos 2016: Hillary Clinton y Bernie Sanders luchan por el voto de las minorías en Michigan | Estados Unidos | EL PAÍS

New post on Getmybuzzup- Lil Wayne Stands By His Comment on 'Racism' & Explains Why [Video]- Please Share

PLEASE SUPPORT MY MOVIE "PRISON LOGIC." PLEASE SUPPORT MY MOVIE "PRISON LOGIC." I hope this video will help to change every viewers outlook on racism.  I made

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Fox News Host Expresses Regret Over Controversial Chinatown Segment

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Chinatown CHINATOWN Photography by Alicia Mara Talk about perfect timing. I just got back from my trip to Beijing China and Hong Kong a few weeks ago. I was really inspired to get more personal with Levitate Style and share more details about myself. Ive been posting about style and travel but rarely going deeper on a personal level. SoLets get personal. Lets get real. Exactly two weeks ago Fox News aired a racist segment poking fun at Asians in Chinatown. Am I supposed to bow to say…

Reading Mikhail Lyubansky's article here is essential...

Raven-Symoné, who probably has one of the blackest names ever, came under fire last week when she spoke about "ghetto" black names during a segment on The View. Not only did she state that she would never hire anyone with a ghetto-sounding name, but she also went on to make...

Sam Frost Opens Up On Racism Controversy Surrounding ‘The Bachelorette Australia’