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Explora De Cosmografia, Manuscrito 1501, ¡y mucho más!

Suma de cosmographia. Medina, Pedro de — Manuscrito — 1501-1600?

Magnetism: vintage illustration, from Reynolds's Universal Atlas (Popular Astronomy) by James Reynolds, 1878.

Blaeu, Johannes. 1662. Atlas maior, siue, Cosmographia Blauiana. Volume 1, Introduction. Page [3]. :: History of Cosmology - Views of the Stars

Between 1617 and 1621 the English physician and polymath Robert Fludd published his masterwork Utriusque Cosmi, a book split into two volumes and packed with over 60 intricate engravings.

Le sphere de monde by Oronce Fine, 1549 by peacay, via Flickr

The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, houses an unrivalled collection of early scientific instruments.

Athanasii Kircheri Magnes siue, De Arte Magnetica Opus Tripartitum, c.1643.

'The heavens as they were on April 25, 1384' by the Persian polymath Mahmud ibn Yahya ibn al-Hasan al-Kashi (completed between 1410 - 11)

SACRO BOSCO, JOHANNES DE. Vberrimum sphere mundi comētū intersertis etiā questionibus dñi Petri de aliaco ... . [Paris, Guy Marchand for Jean Petit, February, 1498-99.] Eclipse solar.

Copernicus's view of the solar system