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Archaeologists in China have uncovered an elaborate 2,500-year-old tomb in a giant complex containing around 200 other grave sites, which they have been excavating since 2009 in Luoyong city, Henan Pr

The child's skull after excavation; scientists hope to determine a lot about the person buried, such as diet, place of habitation, any diseases and cause and year of death.

A crude snowshoe dating back about 5,800 years has been turned over to authorities after an Italian cartographer found it near where the ice mummy of Otzi the Iceman, a Neolithic hunter slain some 500

The wooden coffin of a mummified cat [left] and a CT scan revealing the ancient cat skeleton inside.

Ouroboros in Pere Lachaise. The ouroboros is traditionally depicted as a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail, resulting in a circle. The ouroboros is regarded as a symbol of infinity and renewal. It has also been used as a symbol for totality, mercury, and truth.

In ancient Egypt, several protective deities were depicted as dwarves featuring a lion's mane, ears, and tail, and often wearing a plumed headdress. Such gods are now referred to as the Bes image. The domain of the Bes image was the household. He averted evil with music, knives, or the sa sign as he watched over the occupants of the house. He was particularly protective of women and children.