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Advertisement for a cure for Malaria issued by the Mississippi State Board of Health. The standard treatment of an adult was 10 grains of Quinine Sulphate 3 times a day for 3 days, then 10 grains every night for 8 weeks. The poster shows the Anopheles mosquito.

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Inside the mosquito factory: Can malaria be stopped by British-bred genetically modified mosquitoes?

A female Anopheles mosquito in flight with a newly obtained blood meal visible through her abdomen

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Fun Vintage Health PSA Posters

Obviously missing out on the fact you can't be completely covered 24/7

Lionfish A lionfish peers through the glass of a Las Vegas aquarium. In the wild its beautiful, needle-like dorsal fins can deliver a painful and venomous sting. The formidable array of fins, combined with the fish’s color and generally prickly appearance, are meant to send a strong “stay away” message to predators in Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

Barracudas Get Wallpaper Barracudas are long, lean hunting machines. Their sleek bodies enable them to dart through the water at speeds of up to 25 miles an hour (40 kilometers an hour) in pursuit of fish to shred and devour with their razor-sharp teeth. The barracuda is highly evolved to be a master predator in its environment—the fish has been honing its skills for some 50 million years.

Green Sea Turtle A green sea turtle floats past a reef toward open waters near Palau in the Pacific Ocean. Green sea turtles are one of the most endangered animal species on the planet.

Visually arresting, hazardous to swimmers, and—to some cultures—delicious, sea urchins are also revealing new information to the scientists who study them. Here, red sea urchins carpet a kelp forest off British Columbia. The marine invertebrates are important links in the marine food chain. Fish pick at the urchins, which feed on bits of algae.

Needlefish A school of tiny fish swims past a brain coral formation in the waters around the Seychelles. More than 90 percent of all marine life inhabits the shallow waters surrounding the Earth's landmasses.