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Psycho Pass (Kougami y Akane)

psycho pass akane kougami | Fuentes de Información - Psycho Pass (Kougami y Akane)

Psycho Pass (Kougami y Akane)

psycho pass akane kougami | Psycho Pass (Kougami y Akane) - Taringa!

psycho pass fan art | Psycho Pass PSYCHO-PASS hoodie Fan Art

Anime: Psycho-Pass This anime is on my list "I must watch" but didn't see it either so I can't tell much about it. Gomen' -Ayatan

pxlbyte: Psycho-Pass “Dominator” Replica This life sized replica is up for pre-order for fans of the cyber punk anime. Keep reading

I just watched the episode where Kagari dies, and I can't stop crying! <<< I did same. My sister was concerned for my mental health ;-;

Shinya Kougami - Psycho pass - Kougami love the way he lives life

Makishima vs. Kogami If they were real people, men would shrivel up and die from the build up of unfulfilled sexual desire. In other words, dayum.