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La cápsula Orion ya recuperada, tras su amerizaje, en el dique del buque USS Anchorage (NASA, 2014)

Fiery nighttime launch of Soyuz rocket at center left with media photographers in silhouette at right

Primer módulo de tripulación Orión completado.

Astronomers spotted the dent in Saturn’s F ring – its outermost discrete ring. Astronomer also refer ‘F ring’ as the most active ring in the solar system. Astronomers can observe its features shifting over the course of a few hours. The disturbance, NASA said, was possibly caused by a small object embedded in the ring.

NASA 'exhilarated' as Dawn orbits mini-planet Ceres

United Launch Alliance Delta II via NASA

NASA Speaks Out on ‘Asteroid Apocalyse’ Spells End Of The World In September 2015 (+Video)

June 4, 1965, Earth Observations From Gemini IV >>>> Coastline and blue water with clouds above

Pressure shell: Nasa's new Orion spacecraft at Kennedy Space Center. In the next 18 months the shell will be packed with avionics, instrumentation an flight computers

NASA was testing an astronaut escape ship designed to pull an Orion spacecraft should an emergency arise during launch.

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