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Perros para detectar superbacterias con el olfato

Anxiety & Panic Attacks are a invisible illness. Just as real as cancer. <3

Wait, What? You Can Make Money Selling Your Poop

Clostridium difficile bacteria, magnification unknown. Certain strains of C. difficile release toxins that cause inflammation in the colon, sometimes leading to life-threatening illness.

Unneeded prescription drugs are behind accidents and car crashes, suicides including military suicides, mass shootings like Virginia Tech and Columbine and unanticipated deaths from drug interactions. They raise our insurance rates and taxes and convince people who would have improved without medication (or who improved from the placebo effect) that they are "really sick" and need to remain on the meds. They violate the medical profession's oath to help and not harm at the deepest level.

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eletrofisiologia cardiaca - Pesquisa Google

Dios mio que CUTE!!!!!! XD :D :) ^_^ ^.^ ♡ Me recuerda de Principe :'( :') ^_^ ^.^ ♡

Living with a Chronic Disease // #spoonie #IBD

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