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Espada tipo kaskara - Sudán (hoja persa) - Finales del siglo XIX - The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Sword based on the Writhen style of Germanic hiltwork from the late 15th and early 16th centuries by Christian Fletcher with an Albion Blade

In the fifth century AD the Saxon Seax and Viking Seax daggers and short swords came into widespread use.

Bauernwehr/Lange Messer - Where possesion of double-edged swords was prohibited, singled edged Lange Messer (long knife) & Bauernwehr (peasant's weapon) became popular among ordinary citizens for self defense.

Partisan, ca. 1600. Austrian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of William H. Riggs, 1913 (14.25.295)

The Gamemakers apparently liked the sound of a rapier. Hazel tripped over it when she was gathering berries, it was well-hidden in the leaves. It fits her hand perfectly!

Indian "sissors" katar, 18th to 19th century, L. 19 1/4 in. (48.9 cm); W. 3 3/16 in. (8.1 cm); Wt. 30.5 oz. (864.7 g), Met Museum, Bequest of George C. Stone, 1935.

Love this style. Wish they would've included the sheathes in the photo.