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Focus Storia: Guerreros de la estepa.

"Knight of the Schola Armaturarum Seniorum, V Century AD"

Lorica squamata is a type of scale armour used by the ancient Roman military during the Roman Republic and at later periods. Mystery of History Volume 1, Lessons 70 & 71 #MOHI70 #MOHI71

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople

Discussion on ancient Hungarian wear | Steppe History Forum

About Russia Getica (non-glory) | Cup of Culture

Cavalier ghulam heavy infantry and Seljuk Seljuk

пятница, 18 июля 2014 г. Roman cataphract 3rd century AD

Kurdish warriors - Saladin was a Kurdish warrior who worked himself up through the ranks in his uncle Nur ed-Din's army. Saladin gained control of Egypt and then expanded his influence until he controlled Damascus, Syria, Alleppo, Mawsil and Iraq.