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Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt.

A jian (sword) provenance: China dating: 20th Century

German Riding Sword (Reitschwert), c. 1599. Note how short the grip is; the ricasso is expected to be employed as a surface for at least the index finger. Note also the wear close to the center of percussion. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Ottoman shamshir, 19th Century, Iranian wootz steel blade, scabbard set with gold, diamonds, emeralds and pearls, jade handle, a ceremonial sword, used for an investiture ceremony, a perfect symbol of the luxury, extravagance and workmanship in the Ottoman Empire, said to have been made in 1876 for the investiture of the Ottoman sultan Murad V (reigned May 30–August 31, 1876). He suffered a nervous breakdown before the ceremony and was deposed and imprisioned until his death in 1904.

Rapier of Christian II of Spain. Reproduced in the 'Noble Art of the Sword' exhibition catalogue.