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Kato (Kate Lambert) - white hair Steampunk girl as Elf

I could probably tie in today’s photo with some information on how much fur cats shed annually, but to be perfectly frank, I don’t think anyone will be spending much time reading this when they can see Rin in such a captivating pose. It’s Friday, Rin’s topless, let’s just celebrate all the good things going on right now. “SteamKitty”, featuring Rin, debuts on tomorrow! (Photography by Ayria Lovett)

Every photo set we feature on and Stylerotica is fun (and sexy, too!), but I’ve been looking forward to this set in particular for a while. Why? Because it’s a geek’s dream to see Kato as a beautiful elf, protecting the forest and adventuring through the land. Who knows what treasures she may find, but for us, the real treasure is coming this weekend! "Sindarin Seduction", featuring Kato, debuts on’s Stylerotica page this Saturday! (Photography by Genevieve Riker)

steamgirlofficial:We’ve established Kato’s place in Middle-earth, but let’s have a little fun and delve into the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Any DM could make changes, of course, but in my opinion, elf Kato would be a 20th level moon elf ranger who has taken the Beast Master archetype. Her animal companion? A rabbit of course, and maybe even a dire rabbit, at that. I’m not sure about her favored enemy, Kato’s a very friendly person, but her gear would include the bracers of archery, an ...

White Buck Seriously want this. But I think a few strange looks would come my way if I walked down the street with it on...

Being out on the forest trail at the end of May can be beautiful, but let’s be honest, it gets more than a little warm. So really, can you blame Kato for wanting to shed a layer or two? Now of course there’s a risk she might get seen, but when there’s thousands of nude photos available on for members to enjoy, nudity isn’t really something Kato gets embarrassed about. “Forest Trail”, featuring Kato, debuts on’s bonus page this Saturday!