This is what people think of when they think "Connecticut". It couldn't be more far from the truth. It's either this or GHETTO. Mostly ghetto. And I moved from the 'hood in CT to Maine. Oddly enough, I miss my 'hood.

Vintage. Polo. 1968: A Full Line of Polo Menswear is Launched“I decided to do menswear because there was no one there. I wanted more romance, more excitement in it. I was very traditional…but wanted something that got me excited. That’s how I developed my style.” -Ralph Lauren

Skimmer Day, 1956. The annual student tradition of Skimmer began in 1949 and continued with only one interruption until it was replaced with Spring Fling in 1973. A simple Saturday gathering on the banks of the Schuylkill River to encourage the Penn crew soon expanded to become a weekend of social, musical and athletic events both along the River and on-campus. Soon thousands of students from up and down the East Coast flocked to Skimmer.

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Enjoy this season’s traditional sporting events in timeless fan favorites from Polo

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