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Resultado de imagen para pocimas magicas

Inside the fruit of the cocoa tree are seeds covered in white pulp. It is from these seeds that chocolate is made.

Strawberry Napoleons - you know that box of puff pastry you have been neglecting in the freezer? These are super easy and delightful... let the kids help. The recipe has been there all along. Step-by-step photo tutorial.

Chocolate and Raspberry Chia Pudding

Pudín de chía con chocolate y frambuesa | 24 Formas deliciosamente saludables de satisfacer tu afición a lo dulce

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe -- Creamy, rich and fudgy chocolate chia pudding that tastes like dessert. Basically you can have chocolate for breakfast with no pressure to hit the gym afterwards.

Caramel, cream and chocolate pots

This tastes great! You split open the cocoa pod, and inside there is a white pulp. These are the cocoa beans. You can actually suck on this pulp, save the seeds and dry them.

Chocolate by Ramon Morato

Compartes Chocolatier

Gourmet chocolate bars at Compartes Chocolatier in Brentwood (our faves are the Cereal Bowl and Coney Island)

Feel good about eating chocolate!! Giddy Yoyo is my favourite source. Or Navita Naturals raw cacao nibs.