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Insane 'Edge of Tomorrow' BTS Video Shows How Little CGI Was Used During Many Scenes

Suprisingly little CGI used in action flick - Edge of tomorrow

Directores de cine

Our top 10 filmmaking websites

Best render settings for YouTube & archiving video | Tutorial Request #2

A Too-Perfect Picture

Photographs reveal the worldview of the photographer. Acclaimed photographer, Steve McCurry has a formula that he uses to tell stories about India-- one generally elicits a gasp of 'wow'. What if his images are pedaling just a simple fantasy of the culture and not the truth of each moment. Teju Cole speaks on photographer Raghubir Singh and what makes his photos so stark, and so powerful.

This 30-Minute Video Is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have Learning About Composition

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Cómo ser mejor colorista; explicado por los mejores coloristas del mundo

Advanced Lighting Tips That'll Help You Pull the Perfect Chroma Key

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Take College Level Film Courses for Free with MIT's OpenCourseWare

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