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Pulsa para ver la imagen a tamaño completo

TIMOTHY OLYPHANT: It’s rare to see a Hollywood couple last happily ever-after, but Tim knows the triple threat… friendship, trust and laughter. He’s married to his college sweetheart, and probably for life, but when he wins that Emmy, I’m auditioning for his next wife! #TimothyOlyphant #AlexisKnief

Tim rehearing with Jenn Lyon for the play. She was also in Justified as Lindsey the bar tender. She should be used to seeing him shirtless by now. LOL

♫ Under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart ♫ ‘Cause he’s a Thriller… #TimothyOlyphant #RaylanGivens #JustifiedFX #TimOlyphant #tvshow #ConanObrien

Here I go again, feeling a bit naughty. Tim’s all dressed up, he’s such a hottie. He looks so sharp in that blue coat and pants. But I wanna jump on and give him a lap dance... Look at me. Being so bad on Good Friday. I’m clearly going to Hell. But I bet I’ll see some of you there as well! #timothyolyphant #justifiedfx #sodamnhot #sexy #classy #naughtthoughts #lapdance

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"Seriously. How do you see this going down?"