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La Radio, un nou projecte de @La_Central

Bruce Nauman, Acoustic Pressure Piece, (1970) Nauman’s Acoustic Pressure Piece is an installation in which the visitor passes through twelve and twenty inch spaces wherein Nauman has deadened the registration of sound. The perception of sound (or lack of it) differs according to the viewers proximity to the panels, but the sensory experience is deliberately uncomfortable.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest… These Megaphones Will Amplify Its Sound

Excerpt from RADIOACTIVITY #2. Radio Tomate with François Pain. Radio Tomate has gone down in history as one of the main players in the French free radio scene of the late sixties.

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Ryoji Ikeda [Profile]

Ryoji Ikeda [Profile] - Music, Time and Space..

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Bzzz! An Arduino-Controlled Electrical Sound Sculpture

Envolvente Completa,Microcontroladores Arduino,Electrical Sound,Controlled Electrical,Arduino Controlled,Surround Sound,6 Arduino,Electricity Installation,Environmental Music

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Rural Electrification in 1935; Broadband and Green Electricity Today

The Rural Electrification Act was part of FDR's Second New Deal. The goal was to bring electricity to the off-the-grid parts of the country known as "Appalachia".