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"That moment in your life when you realize that you not only have control over your life, but you can manifest whatever you desire.... ...magick" - Jasmeine Moonsong

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Terminando mi ritual de Samhain #Samhain #Wicca #ritualWicca

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Worn for protection and as a display of faith, the Pentagram Amulet is an honored symbol of witchcraft and magic. In the form of a five pointed star set within a circle, it is most modernly perceived as a symbol of the four elements and their mysteries, united by spirit, or the divine. Crafted of pewter and strung upon a black nylon cord with a smaller, 1/2" diameter interwoven pentagram, this is a great talisman to wear to focus your will and to help find protection from the energies $8.95

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Meditation, Submitting your body and mind to the universe for all light to gather and transcend into your soul and shine outward with your smile.