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Beautiful Collection Of Motion And Blur Photography

Un objeto hacia a delante, los demás en dirección opuesta #awesome #photography

Capture the motion picture with best video camera. Panasonic #HDVideoCamera seems to be the perfect option for video shooting.

How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography

Lucas Esposito - This photograph is a good example of implied movement, which is part of the four elements of vision (color, form, depth, and movement.) The term refers to "the motion that viewers perceive in a still, single image without any movement of an object, image or eye."

Slow shutter speed on Ferris Wheel

25 Excellent Examples of Motion Blur Photography

Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Japan

PANNING Rush Hour Rush by Dreycat A woman rushes to get to work during Tokyo morning rush hour. Tip. The key to getting a shot like this is to use panning, where the camera is set to a low shutter speed and you track the movement of the person with your camera. You’ll often need a few attempts to get a good shot

Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, in London with a red double decker bus zooming by.

Reflection Reflection Reflection