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Relieve del sarcofago de un Filosofo 275 DC Museo Sindical


Julio-Claudian Dynastic Group, Ravenna, c. 45-50 AD, marble. Reproduction in relief, fragmentary. First 3 figures disputed, but far right is Livia as Venus Genetrix holding Cupid and Divus Augustus, had a bronze star on head. Claudius probably in missing right section. Clothing is not identical, all clothes divine-like. Caligula usually left out of group portraits.

Donation of food to Roman children. Relief panel from the so-called the Arch of Portugal on via Lata. Marble. 2-nd cent. A.D. 293 cm. Inv. MC 0832. Rome, Capitoline Museums.

Alexander Sarcophagus, Long Side A (detail), Alexander mounted and charging at a Persian soldier, Istanbul Archaeology Museum | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

Amorini tauroctoni dal tempio di Venere genitrice nel Foro di Cesare | Flickr – Condivisione di foto! (mym)

Plotina. Marble. 110—120 C.E. Height 35 cm. Inv. No. 339. Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. (Photo by Sergey Sosnovskiy).

Terracotta plaque with King Oinomaos and his charioteer, 27 B.C. - A.D. 68, Roman (Augustan or Julio-Claudian era), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Detail of the column base of the Ancient Roman Column of Antoninus Pius. 161 AD

Relief of Minerva: Herculaneum