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Explora De Kalasasaya, Tiahuanaco Tiwanaku, ¡y mucho más!

Tiahuanaco,templo de Kalasasaya.La arquitectura de Tiahuanaco no se asemeja en nada a las culturas posteriores de la region.Segun estudios geologicos,las aguas de la Era Terciaria,bañaban las orillas del Lago Titicaca. Se han encontrado sedimentos marinos en sus orillas,fosiles marinos,por eso se supone que seria unos de los centros de civilizacion mas importante de la epoca. Cada dia hay mas pruebas irrefutables que Tiahuanaco fue antiguamente un puerto,con grandes diques.....15000 AC

tiwanaku ceramic vessel in La Paz museum. Tiwanaku influence is notable in the ceramic arts of a large portion of the Andes. This puma vase is a Classic Tiwanaku Period artwork.

Pottery invented in China to cook food and brew alcohol

The oldest known samples of pottery have been unearthed in southern China.The US archaeologists involved have determined that fragments from a large bowl found in Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province, are 20,000 years old. The discovery, published in the journal Science, is the latest in recent years that have pushed back the invention of pottery by 10,000 years

W-M: Archaeo-astronomy and Ancient Alignments

Emperor's Lost Harbour-The Harbor of Theodosious in Constantinople is lost from history until the building of a new billion dollar transportation system in Istanbul.The site so far has unearthed hundreds of incredible artifacts dating from the seventh to the eleventh centuries.

Tiwanaku, Photo Gallery and Articles

Runic stone found in Rok, Sweden, IX century. This stone was carved by Varin as a memorial of his dead son Vemod and contains an ode to Theodoric, King of the Goths. The runs have a meaning by themselves, combined and following a certain order. In the myths, eighteen runes were revealed to Odin.

W-M: Archaeo-astronomy and Ancient Alignments

Hampi, originally called Vijayanagara, (City of Victory, in Sanskrit) was once the flourishing, beautiful capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, there are only ruins of stone temples, smaller shrines and other buildings. Viewing the remaining ruins of the city, one can easily imagine the greatness of this metropolis. No one knows exactly when the city was created. Its history is shrouded in mystery but according to the sacred texts of India, it was a place where people and gods used to…