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Amazing Spider-Man Family #2 Cover by Mike Deodato

thingsfortwwings: [Image: Rocket Raccoon watering a little Groot sprout; Groot’s arms are up, delighted by the water. There are a bunch of little Groot sprouts all around Rocket.] pilot-star: Guardians was pretty great.

Deadpool is everywhere! I mean he killed the entire universe! You know I love my…

MARVEL JUST ANNOUNCED ALL THEIR MOVIES UP UNTIL 2018 AND IT'S 100% OFFICIAL AND there is just no way to process all this.

Bland Marvel Headcanons @yomanlava(All I can think of is Bucky having a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and the rest dragging behind him on the ground)

Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) from the MCU. (I'm not as familiar with the comics version.) This guy hits all my male character buttons SO HARD. Loyal to a fault, check. Snarky sense of humor, check. Gentleman, check. I REALLY hope the rumors about him being involved in certain future Marvel projects prove true, and that he continues to be around for a very long time!