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Under water city, Alexandria, Egypt
Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque - Alexandria, Egypt.
Cruceros por el Nilo en Egipto, El valle de los reyes http://www.espanol.maydoumtravel.com/Viajes-y-Tours-a-Egipto/4/0/
Cairo, Egypt 1977 - street scene with mosque and big-wheel donkey cart..   1977= the year of my first visit to Egypt ❤️
Mosque Sultan Hassan 1363.  Cairo,  EGYPT.     (by jianzhi, via Flickr)
Muslim Mosques throughout the world contain some of the most beautiful architecture and interior designs which have sublime intricate patterns. In today's post we'll be looking at some delightful and breathtaking mosque ceilings, these ceilings have ornate patterns and designs which would have taken many years to create.

40+ Beautiful Mosque Ceilings That Highlight Islamic Architecture