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Redes sociales y médica, una relación complicada

True. And you aren't worried about the reason for the silence. Just how long it'll last.

When a man can listen to a woman's feelings without getting angry and frustrated, he gives her a wonderful gift. He makes it safe for her to express herself. The more she is able to express herself, the more she feels heard and understood, and the more she is able to give a man the loving trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement that he needs...

The best relationship is when you can lay next to each other and just talk about anything and everything. SumNan Quotes

Love is very complicated, even if it takes years to realize, if you have been with the wrong person......sometimes it takes the person leaving to realize how you feel.

i just want everybody to know that these people do exist, it may take some searching...but it'll be totally worth it when you find them

When you see your EX's GF/BF #rihanna #humor #exbf/gf

This is my plan from now on. Go inside, lock the door and hide from the world.

Suna - Sorry for my silence... Have been away for a while.. Life has never been more complicated.. But I haven't lost faith in my Lord.some days look bright, some gloomy as it can get.i dnt know anymore..� Please pray with me for my marriage and my relationship to work out with R and his family. Ever since I have started praying regularly he has been around. But he is not able to be strong and stand up and tell his family he wants this. Jesus make R strong,please change his heart…