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5 cosas que solo tienes que hacer una vez al año para disfrutar de un hogar perfecto

5 cosas que solo tienes que hacer una vez al año para disfrutar de un hogar…

Graphic explaining important aspects of a passive house. This style of construction was first established in Germany and uses rigorous standards for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. This ultra-low energy building style requires little energy for space heating or cooling. Passivhaus is a huge step in the right direction for sustainable community development. Graphic provided by The New York Times.

Crean el primer panel solar totalmente transparente

Good, clear presentation of Seasonal Window Considerations for Passive Solar homes. Windows must be climate sensitive: check to see if they show be double or triple paned, or even covered with a thermal shade in coldest climates.

Voor de onderste helft van de woonkamerramen.

Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Wine Cellar SPecialists. Quality features of our custom wine cellar doors include laminated veneer lumber (LVL), mortise and tenon, automatic door bottom and dual-paned tempered glass for glass wine cellar doors. Read more about this at Wine Cellar Specialists 4421 Cedar Elm Circle Richardson, TX 75082 Toll Free: 866-646-7089 Texas Office: 972-454-0480

In Install Monitor 1.1 the contents pane organizes file and registry items hierarchically by file history. This gives you a history of how items are installed. Also items that are created later show up towards the end of the list. In Install Monitor 2.0 there is now a new default format for the contents pane that organizes items by location on the system. This can make it easier to see what was installed.

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4524 / 44c Go Green Pane of 16 Oversized Large Format Fleetwood 2011 FDC

Pane Includes: 4524a Buy Local Produce and Reuse Bags / 4524b Fix Water Leaks / 4524c Share Rides / 4524d Turn Off Lights Not In Use / 4524e Choose To Walk / 4524f Go Green, Reduce Our Enviromental Footprint Step By Step / 4524g Compost / 4524h Let Nature Do The Work / 4524i Recycle More / 4524j Ride A Bike / 4524k Plant Trees / 4524l Insulate The Home / 4524m Use Public Transportation / 4524n Use Efficient Light Bulbs / 4524o Adjust The Thermostat and 4444p Maintain The Pressure. Envelope…