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Megalopyge opercularis by Caterpillar hunter: The larval form of the Southern Flannel Moss is deceptively adorable with its long, luxuriant hair-like setae, making it resemble a Persian cat. However, the 'fur' of the larva contains venomous spines that cause extremely painful reactions in human skin upon contact which may be localized or systemic. #Caterpillar #Southern_Flannel_Mouth

Puss Caterpillar - The larval form is covered with long hairs. However, this 'fur' is made of venomous spines which cause a painful sting. Up to 1" long, it is commonly found on trees and garden plants in the Southern US & Mexico.

Eyes of a Female Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan: Equally amazing are the spider's eyes and the unbelievable shot of a 5mm Maevia Inclemens found in a light fixture on the photographer's back porch.