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Compañeros para Goldfish | Septicemia Hemorrágica Bacteriana Manchas de ...

(Kate Middleton) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (December 2009 - April 2011) - Page 44 - the Fashion Spot

First fish I ever got - will always have a soft spot for oranda goldfish

Este pequeño pescado de NDK me hace pensar en manchas de leopardo

Nature Aquarium from

Beta or Betta Fish and Bamboo Living Together

Betta fish tattoo photo

Gold Gouramis. I have one of these, and he is currently about 5 inches long. Gold Gouramis can be kept with community fish, but can become aggressive. Mine does fine in the community tank as long as he is the only male gourami.

Under the bridge by Microsash great way to incorporate a hiding spot for cave dwellers (cockatoo Cichlid?)

| White Spot Pleco, Snow Ball Pleco, Baryancistrus spL142, tropical fish ...