Explora Imposibles Luego, De Imposible, ¡y mucho más!

Nunca te Rindas!!! Los comienzos de algo GRANDE siempre son difíciles pero no imposibles. SIGUE PERSISTIENDO!!!

There will always be days where you're not quite feeling it. There will always be moments that will leave you wondering if you've come "far enough" in your self love journey. It's up to you to see past that, reframe your inner dialogue to be less critical and more celebratory, and to let your self-love strategies move fluidly with you as you grow and change.

It will all be okay.... You knocked on random people doors and talked about lawn care :-)...you know a lot more then you think you do:/) I know it's impossible but just try to keep calm keep it simple you'll do amazing I know you will

Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them. ~ Richard Branson ~

If it can be thought, it CAN be done.

something wonderful is about to happen

So the truth is that I sometimes roll my eyes as quotes like this, but then I remember it is pretty darn true. I wish this print would have been in my room when I was a little kid. It would have put a different spin on the pressure to get good grades. :: 'Anything Is Possible' Print

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