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The 40,000-Mile Volcano

A major project in the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast is monitoring a steaming ridge full of living and mineral wonders on the ocean floor circling Earth.

Scientists in Australia are set to begin trials of a new fully implantable bionic eye system that's expected to give patients vision several times better than current vision restoration technologies. This could restore vision to millions worldwide.

Man walks again after years of paralysis

The ability to walk has been restored following a spinal cord injury, using one's own brain power, according to research. The preliminary proof-of-concept study shows that it is possible to use direct brain control to get a person's legs to walk again.

Mycoplasma | Created by: David Goodsell

La science prouve que vos intentions et vos pensées créent votre monde physique.

Monde physique: La science a prouvé que les pensées regroupent solidement le champ d’énergie qui est en constante évolution dans les objets que nous voyons.

When You Move House, Your Microbial Aura Moves Too

Our bodies are home to trillions of microbes, which outnumber our own cells by at least a factor of three. They and the genes they contain are collectively known as the microbiome, and they influence our lives, health, minds, and more. But the microbiome isn’t confined to our skins. It extends into the world around us.

Baby Shower Tea Party Recipes

Sandwiches de té de queso crema