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@FEdumedia : #BuenosDías "La educación es el arma más poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo". Mandela https://t.co/KcEQYFDJUf

@FEdumedia : RT @Fundabit: Recuerda! El agua que desperdicias hoy la puedes necesitar mañana #ElNiñoNoEsJuego

FARC website in Spanish. Can change language to English.

Looking for ways to position yourself as an industry expert? Using video to give your own take on news and stories that are relevant to your industry can help you build influence with peers, prospects, and customers. In this article, you’ll discover how to use video to deliver value to your followers on social media. Via @smexaminer.

El mundo del #DiseñodeModas es uno de los más apasionantes y cambiantes de la industria del espectáculo. Por eso te traemos la sección "Curiosidades del Diseño de modas" donde encontrarás información que probablemente no sabias sobre este maravilloso oficio. Curiosidad N 3: Si hay una prenda que no puede faltar en ningún closet esos son los #Jeans o #BluJeans como les decimos en Venezuela. Pero sabías que... Los Jeans traen un bolsillito del lado derecho arriba del bolsillo grande (para…

Facebook introduces Messenger Lite for Android users with slow internet Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com Facebook has announced the launch of Messenger Lite a "slimmed down" and stripped back version of its Messenger app for Android handsets. In a blog post on its site Facebook says Messenger Lite has been created "to empower people all over the world to stay connected." The streamlined app offers all of the core functions of the main Messenger app…

What I will be talking about today isn't an exploit necessarily it's just sneaky and slimy used by slimebag corporations and malicious users. Have you ever seen an ad for something or a link to a Facebook post on a website you then clearly hit the "X" but it loads the link anyways? This is called Clickjacking. This happens whenever an attacker puts an HTML div layer (basically an empty object everything you interact with on a website is a div). Sets the Z-index to 0 in CSS (transparecy) then…

Family in Venezuela serving Jehovah - God’s original purpose for humans to live forever on a paradise earth and to take care of all its animals will eventually be fulfilled. (Genesis 1:28) Man was to enjoy the earth and its animals forever.—Isaiah 45:18. To learn more, please visit jw.org༺♥༻ The Bible and bible based study aids can be found at JW.org. These are available to read, watch, listen and download in 700+ (sign included) languages. These aids are designed to be used with your bible.

Engineered Portal to Latin America? As documented so well in John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hitman“, when the U.S. corporate greed machine and their controlling central bankers want something they will methodically use any means necessary to get it. The people need to know what's really happening. This is what your tax dollars fund. This is why they say you can't have a living wage or healthcare. WHO benefits? The 1% of course. And THEIR kids don't go to war; yours do.

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