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Backyard Summer Camp: 4 Outdoor Games and Activities

Get into classic camp mode with a twist on tug-of-war called Stumps. Two players stand on upside-down milk crates set 6 to 12 feet apart on soft ground. Players pull or relax a rope, trying to force the other to step off her crate. Strategy trumps strength: a hard tug can be neutralized by a loosened grip, and sudden slack can make the tugger teeter.

Earth Loom - located one near the front gate so that guests and delivery people can add to the weaving if they wish......

Obstacle Course! Army Birthday Party... old tires, railroad ties, stumps, and dollar store hammocks

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Michaelmas festiva lbalanced on planks across rolling logs,We jousted on balance logs,walked across the balance logs,and threw javelins through grapevine wreaths. What mighty warriors we have in our group! and more

Golden Sun Family: Autumn Equinox and Michaelmas

@Joni Wells Tenney Great activity site for St. Georges day April 23rd

23 Magical Knights and Dragons Party Ideas

Catapult Game