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Toby: one man down! One man down! Masky: run run run!! Slendy: Get back here right this instance!!!

The floor is lava! Masky, be nice to Toby!... I kind of like it way too much (mainly because of Masky)

Okay, BEST PIN EVER!! From top to bottom, it's Slenderman, Ticci Toby, Laughing Jack (L.J.), Masky, BEN Drowned, Hoodie, Jeff the Killer, and finally E.J. (Eyeless Jack)

Maskie and Toby OH come on guys I made that sweater with love so you two could get along!!!..... Fine be that way * walks out angry *

Fan Masky Hoody -not yaoi- by on @DeviantArt

If you don't have a gif of Ticci Toby licking your're not a creepypasta fan