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Wandjinas de Australia.

Aboriginal cave painting, from Dream Time

Petroglifo aborigen sagrado, Wandjina Overhang, Australia. Me gusta mucho esta foto porque tiene muchos colores y movimiento.

Bright, oval object photographed hovering above Houston

Brillante objeto oval fotografiado flotando por encima de Houston. #ovni

Maravillas de México. [naturales]

Informacion de Atractivos Turísticos en Ciudad Valles México, Que Hacer en Ciudad Valles, Que Visitar en Ciudad Valles, Lugares Turísticos, Actividades, Cultura, Tours, Museos en Ciudad Valles.

Ancient rocket ship This ancient cave painting from Japan is dated to be more than 5000 BC.

Antiguas pinturas rupestres, que misteriosamente se asemejan a las supuestas especies exóticas, conocidos como "Los Grises". También se parecen a las focas arpa, algún tipo de primate, o posiblemente búhos

The above image is entitled "The Assumption of the Virgin" by ANON. Painted c.1490. Once again notice the discoidal clouds.

Archaeologists uncover nearly 5,000 cave paintings in Burgos, Mexico

Nearly 5,000 ancient cave paintings have been discovered in Burgos, Mexico.The red, white, black and yellow images depict humans hunting, fishing, gathering, as well as deer, lizards and centipedes. The 4,926 paintings were discovered in 11 sites and are thought to have been created by at least 3 groups of hunter gatherers. In one cave more than 1,550 images were found, including an image of an atlatl, a Hispanic weapon used for hunting that has not been seen before in paintings in the…