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JiHoo Sunbae-Oppa saves the day! Again.. ='P (BOF)

Cinderella and Four Knights. THIS IS MY SHIP. He is who I want her to end up with damn it!! Even though already she was crushin' on Ji Woon from like episode three or somethin'. But seriously. His story arc is back tracking and going back to the ex? Like wtf. We don't like Hye Ji. Total cop out on the love triangle they pretended to start. That's one issue I had with this show.

Los inicios de la última Catwoman. De princesa por sorpresa a mala, pero buena, de cómic.

got7 dream knight - Google Search

Boys over flowers! Ji Hoo! #kdramahumor~~~~,my heart melted when she called him Doctor Prince.

Dangerous Minds (1995)

Películas para no dejar de ver: Dangerous Minds (1995) (Mentes Peligrosas)

List of the Best Korean Dramas from 2015-2017

Do you love Korean dramas? This is a countdown of the best Korean dramas, including romance, comedy, thriller, melodrama, fantasy, sci-fi, and action from 2015-2016. Enjoy these great shows!

Miss A’s Suzy for Elle Korea October 2015. Photographed by Yoo Young Kyu

El último póster es el mejor