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Resultado de imagen para gatos sobre piedras

Corredor de los Puntos, El Castillo - Datados de entre 34.000 y 36.000 años, y…

Brooklyn Museum, New York Ancient Egyptian ostraca, Brooklyn Museum, New York.

Chipped-stone tools from Late Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic contexts at the Hardaway site: end scrapers (top row), side scrapers (middle row and bottom row, second from left), oval scrapers (bottom row, right two specimens), and Dalton adz (bottom row, far left).

instructions for making a miniature Stonehenge

The Ancient Site of Rujm el Hiri is a 5,000 Year Old Observatory

Rujm el Hiri in the Golan Heights

Famous Authors and Their Works --- Authors and their works started appearing on the sand written by the tips of fingers. Going through the Cuneiform script on clay tablets and stones, and hieroglyphic works or pictograms on the walls of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, they started appearing in ink on hides, wood, and on papyrus which evolved later.

The Hill of Uisneach in Loughnavalley is already deemed to be the mythological…

Lost in the Meritocracy

"Lost in the Meritocracy- How I traded an education for a ticket to the ruling class " Is having an "aptitude for aptitude" all that we're training for? In retrospect, that's all I was striving for in H.S. and early college- getting the next 'A,' acing the next exam, impressing the next prof. Where does actual education and edification fit in?

A MARBLE SARCOPHAGUS FRAGMENT, ROMAN IMPERIAL , CIRCA LATE 3RD CENTURY A.D. from the left rounded end of a strigillated sarcophagus, carved in relief with the figure of a lion attacking a spiral-horned Mendes antelope