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LPIF101730BKGY - Los arqueros de la aljaba de cuero - negro y gris - $ 46.95

Kaldorei Bow Concept - I by on @DeviantArt

de Unveiled Wife

Devotional - Are You Putting On The Armor Of God Daily?


Nelri Blade Concept - II by *Aikurisu on deviantART

Description: A wakizashi dating: 16th Century provenance: Japan Suriage blade (nagasa 51,4 cm) with nioideki Hamon Gunome-notare, visible hada; mumei, nakago with two mekugi-ana; copper habaki; pierced, iron tsuba, with flowers and nets; antique koshirae, shakudo fuchi-kashira with floral decorations (mei) featuring gilt elements, menuki depicting cranes; saya of kawarinuri lacquer.Late Muromachi period. Complete with NTHK certificate. dimensions: length 69 cm.

Shadowsbane Blade by on @deviantART

"Lightning Sword" : Swords by Omega Artworks Custom designed sword. One of two, Fire and Lightning. Wanted to convey the idea of lightning and its power and random zig zag. A blue faceted topaz is mounted in the center, with a blue Mother of pearl handle.