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Dan dibuja: Siritinga - Moona / Monatir Tirrell
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~Las noches tendrían que ser para descansar, no para torturarnos con pensamientos y recuerdos.~
Corvo Attano of Dishonored 1, 2.

Corvo Attano

Idea. Chaqueta de punto

Scarlett's Cardi pattern by Annie Schwier

3ds max futuristic sci fi laboratory /// Cool image, I envisioned a taller main room with an overhang and sealed office (chapter 2), but this is pretty close. - Adrian Mendoza, author of The Kaleidoscope
This is maybe one of the best looking gun concepts in my opinion. I like the way the slide looks, but the grips looks a bit forgotten.
El día del juicio.
The Matrix. (Costume designer Kym Barrett). Great use of material to absorb and reflect light.
Writer and Proud: The Orphan Protagonist Cliche - Why Is It Still Used?