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Reductor intensivo Noche 10 de Somatoline Cosmetics ¿funciona? -
Xampú a base de: agua, bicarbonato y vinagre de manzana.
If you’re struggling to get clear skin, you may often try anything to achieve a great complexion. We don’t know who first thought of putting slices of fruits or vegetables on our faces, but the cucumber trick has been around for a long time. I love willa, because we strive to provide teen girls and young women with the products and information to promote healthy and clear skin. #willainfo

Benefits of Putting Cucumber on Eyes: Does it Work?

DIY: Natural Deodorant
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Cosmetic surgery can be an exciting experience, particularly when you’re undergoing surgery to boost your physical look and emotional well-being. If you’re about to have #cosmeticsurgery, or just want to accelerate the healing method, here are 5 ways you’ll practice to recover quickly in the healthiest way possible.

5 Ways To Recover Fast From Cosmetic Surgery

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How I Cleared My Skin | - I have yet to read this all yet, but it looks informative. Hope it works
Tara Rasmus, associate beauty editor "This was the original 'matte-finish' sunscreen — it's basically a cult classic at this point — and I still find myself stocking up on it every summer. It works well, smells like clean laundry, and never feels gross on my face. I dig it."Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55, $8.99, available at

Best Sunscreens - Products For Melanoma Prevention 2014