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Puebla, Pue.- El patio interior del Museo Casa de la Bola, inmueble cuya edificación data del siglo XVIII, fue el escenario en el cual se dieron cita cerca de 300 personas, quienes literalmente abarrotaron el espacio para presenciar la proyección del programa especial Carlota de Habsburgo, original de Canal Once, en compañía de las protagonistas del mismo, la primera actriz, Margarita Sanz, y la joven actriz Avelina Correa, así como de la productora y directora Daniela Paasch. Al hacer uso…

Starlito is clearly in a zone this year. Having just dropped the Karate In The Garage EP with Don Trip, and with the Stepbrothers 3 project due in less than a month, he’s back today with his new solo project Manifest Destiny. Lead by the singles “Once Upon A Time” with Scarface, and the Metro Boomin-produced “Too Much”, the 14-track tape also features appearances from Curren$y, Kevin Gates and Mobsquad Nard, Scotty ATL and Don Trip. Click to stream... | Nah Right

Oh dear lots like Séb has lost his way who wants to show him where to go? Don't all jump at once! Goodnight everyone and thank you Alexandra Bedea for our end photo tonight #sebsoloalbum #teamseb #sebdivo #sifcofficial #ildivofansforcharity #sebastien #izambard #sebastienizambard #ildivo #ildivoofficial #sebontour #singer #band #musician #music #concert #composer #producer #artist #french #handsome #france #instamusic #amazingmusic #amazingvoice #greatvoice #tenor #teamizambard

Depeche Mode, People Are People***: Sometimes, you have to admire the gall of music marketers. This was very obviously produced as a quick cash grab to capitalize on the popularity of the title track in the U.S. Rather than provide new marketing efforts to past albums, the company put together this compilation, giving it the same title as DM's most popular song at the time. But it's not exactly a bad cash-grab either. Worth listening to at least once. 2/16/17

Julia Child once said: “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” When it comes to fresh food, we have an abundance of riches here in northern Michigan. Much of that food is produced on small, family run farms using organic and sustainable farming techniques. All year round we enjoy perusing and purchasing the fresh produce available at the Sara Hardy Famers Market in Traverse City.

Runner Oak is a shrub oak that grows to about 3 feet in height and is tardily deciduous. It spreads through stolons or “runners” to form thickets. Runner Oak is found on dry sandy to loamy soils of pine flatwoods, oak-pine scrub, savannas and ridges. Adapted to fire, Runner Oak re-sprouts quickly with increased acorn production once burned. Acorns are produced in 2-3 years, providing excellent food source and habitat for turkey. Whitetails browse Runner Oak and eat the acorns.

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