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German soldiers advancing under fire at the Battle of Verdun, 1916

WW1: British troops lie dead in their trench following a German counterattack and artillery barrage. Note the ammo drums for the Lewis Light MG on the ground on both sides of the KIA in the center of the photo.

It happened on christmas day, 1914: German and British troops held a temporary ceasefire, the 'Christmas Truce'. Exchanged greetings, sang carols, soccer matches, decoration of a tree in the German trench A Polar Bear's Tale

German soldiers on outpost duty share their food with Belgian orphans. Antwerp, 1915. WWI

Rare photographs of legendary World War I German fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen (right) with his brother Lothar

Italian alpine units climbing a steep slope during World War I.While World War I is particularly known for its trench warfare, one interesting part of WWI history was the Alpine wars of Northern Italy. Perhaps those who faced the worst conditions were the Italians. Throughout most of the war Germany and Austria-Hungary occupied the high ground. Thus Italian soldiers were often forced to make suicide attacks against highly fortified mountain top positions, suffering heavy losses.

World War I French troops, 1917.

World War One German Soldier

World War I. King Albert I of Belgium examining a bomb mechanism (1915) - stock photo