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CONFETTI two cats on hind legs, one throws confetti on the other...This is a card or Poster...I added another one also...cute...

christmas greeting : ca.1900

A serenade or evening song ~ the male sings this at night to seduce the female, his art being a demonstration of his genetic fitness. The feminine counterpart is the aubade (dawn song). Those medieval history classes can be useful on trivia night.

Confetti~ Maurice Boulanger


LÁMINAS VINTAGE,ANTIGUAS,RETRO Y POR EL ESTILO.... (pág. 512) | Aprender manualidades es

Don Draper de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de

Dúo de los gatos – G. Rossini

Inseperable! I'm sorry if I just made you feel objectified. It's all part of You and how much I Love YOU.