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Doctor Who! Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE! TARDIS Wedding shoes with bows! Easy diy!

One Two Three Four, I declare a Time War. Five Six Seven Eight, Daleks scream "Exterminate!" Nine Ten Eleven Twelve, the Doctor died and Silence fell. Twelve Eleven Ten Nine, here he goes, back in time. Eight Seven Six Five, saving everybody's lives. Four Three Two One, grab her hand and whisper "Run!" DR Who

I love you. I'll never say those words again. Not to anybody else, ever. Those words, from me, are yours now.

de 9GAG

That is one powerful slap.

This is why I love Clara

Why are people so mean to Clara? No she's not the best companion in the world but come on!

‼️I have my own headcanon that instead of what the Tenth Doctor saying that each if his regenerations died, they started a new life somewhere out in Time and Space and don't know who the Doctor is, but is left an item that represented that regeneration, like a hat or a bowtie. But the Fourth Doctor was born in modern day London and somehow knew all about the Doctor and he had the scarf, so he gave it to her. Any opinions? Comment below!