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honestidad, lealtad, respeto, complicidad, confianza, refugio....amor

The Lycan people, they were one of the first groups found and after years of small skirmishes with humans, a group rose up and overthrew the Lycan government. A new regime came over and they Lycan people assimilated into modern culture.

Auroras on Saturn, captured by the Hubble Telescope. This planet, Saturn, it's called the Teacher Planet...ask me about it....all the Scorpios have had it for the past 2 years, and still, half year to go...Feel free to comment, if you are a Scorpio and felt this Lady Saturn lately...She comes every 28 years, I guess, but boy, when she comes, she does massive cleaning....

FREE! Solar System Coloring Pages - Kids will love learning about the solar system as they color these coloring sheets for each planet, asteroid belt, sun, and more! These are great to keep kids busy while homeschool moms read books aloud! Preschool-5th grade.

Satélite Io, con las nubes jovianas de fondo. Io orbita más o menos a unos 350.000 km sobre las nubes superiores de Júpiter (más o menos la distancia entre la Tierra y la Luna). Foto tomada por la nave espacial Cassini, que estaba aproximadamente a 10 millones de km de Júpiter cuando tomó la imagen.